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Japanese food, in order of appearance - Page 3

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Miso Soup

Here's a typical bowl of miso soup, served with most traditional Japanese meals. In the West, soup is often served as an appetizer before the main course, but in Japan, miso soup is most often served along with or near the end of a meal, eaten along with rice. Miso soup along with rice were originally the central dishes of the traditional Japanese breakfast.
Onigiri - Rice Balls

Onigiri can be thought of as a traditional Japanese picnic, travel, or snack food, like the Western sandwich. They keep for a long time because the rice and filling are seasoned with salt. Fillings can be salted fish, pickled plum, cod roe, dried Bonito shavings etc., and Onigiri are usually wrapped in a sheet of dried seaweed.
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Okonomiyaki - Cooked What You Like!

Okonomiyaki is like a thick, savory pancake made of flour and egg, and filled with your choice of meat, seafood and vegetables that you cook yourself on a hot plate at the table. "Okonomiyaki" literally means "cooked what you like". It's fun to make and eat.
Unagi - Eel

Unagi is eaten most often in the summer, said to give stamina and help avoid heat exhaustion. It's most commonly brushed with a thick, sweet, soy-sauce based sauce and grilled over charcoal.
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Nabe - Hot Pot

Nabe is a hot pot, where any variety of seafood, meat, and vegetables are cooked in a broth on the table in front of you. Nabe is a popular winter dish, nice to gather around and share with others. "Nabe" simply means pot. This Nabe has shrimp tempura on top.
Oden - Various Stewed Foods

Oden is another popular winter dish that people share. Various ingredients likes chunks of radish, tofu, potato, fishcake, kombu seaweed and usually a whole egg are stewed for a long time in a light soy-flavored dashi broth. Oden is usually eaten with hot mustard.
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Katsu Kare - Japanese Curry with Deep Fried Pork

Japanese Curry is a popular fast and inexpensive dish. It's not hot and spicy like Indian or Thai curry. It's thick and sweet, served with white rice, and often deep-fried pork or chicken, maybe an egg, with pickled onions and shredded cabbage on the side.
Grilled Fish

Fish has always been a central part of the traditional Japanese diet, and grilling is one popular way to prepare it. Any seasoning can be used, from simple salt, to elaborate combinations based on miso, mirin or soy sauce. A simple dinner set available everywhere consists of grilled fish, Japanese pickles, rice and miso soup.
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Hiyashi Chūka Soba

Hiyashi Chūka is a summer dish made from boiled Chinese noodles served with thin strips of ham, chicken, cucumber, carrot, egg, and other vegetables, seasoned with a sweet vinegary sauce made from soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and sesame oil. It's deliciously refreshing!
Taiyaki - Azuki Bean Cake

Taiyaki is a kind of sweet pancake in the shape of a fish, filled with An, a sweet paste made from Azuki beans.
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